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Training Plans


Running for fitness website: Use these tools to help you to create your own training plan.

Tips for running for a marathon pre, during and post marathon:

Hal Hidgon Marathon Training Guides for all experience levels:

Couch to 5K Training Plan: running 3 miles in just two months.

Treadmill to 5K
http://www.treadmillreviews. net/a-guide-to-take-you-from- treadmill-to-5k/

Runner's Training Guide.

Ultra distance Training Plan
(This is for 'newbies')
50 Mile


Running Sites


Racing Services: Races Results/ Calendar

Boston Qualifying Information

Marathon Guide: Who What Where

Distance Running Tips by Franc Karpo & Reno Stirrat

McMillan Running
Ultimate Running Resource Guide

Rate your next pair of shoes:


Training Tools


Resource Guide for Runners  (A good resource for Beginners!)
    (Link contribution by Maria: .. THANKS!)

Training Calculator: Based on your input race distance and time it projects your finish times for distances from 1500m to a marathon. Also give you training paces time for easy run, tempo, max oxygen ect.,7169,s6-238-277-279-0-0-0-0-0,00.html
The Run Experience Training Beginner to Advanced

Multiple handy training tools:

This tool calculates vdot, the performance-based VO2Max index for runners.

Vdot Calculator and Training Paces: This calculator uses the VDOT tables found in Jack Daniels', Running Formula, 2nd Edition