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Harbor Half Marathon, Relay and Kidís Race Results
Date: October 23, 2005
Race Director: Paul Nicolaides

Overall Male Winner Gabe Lucido 1:14:08
Overall Female Winner Tammy Lewis 1:47:16
Master's Male Winner Clent Mericle 1:24:23
Master's Female Winner Gloria Lopez-Guerrero 1:52:56
Age Group 16-19
Richard McDermott 1st 1:41:21
Age Group 20-24
Hugo Cervantes 1st 1:21:43
Hector Moreno 2nd 1:58:43
Age Group25-29
Angel Silva 1st 1:16:43
Louis Castillo 2nd 1:34:45
Craig Laabs 3rd 1:39:34
Age Group 30-34
Rodney Salazar 1st 1:29:07
Leroy Briggs 2nd 1:29:41
Mitchell Dye 3rd 1:37:19
Age Group 35-39
Jeff Wiggington 1st 1:37:33
Jose Hernandez 2nd 1:37:34
Kevin Keifer 3rd 1:40:52
Age Group40-44
Domingo Hernandez 1st 1:26:26
Andy Hennessey 2nd 1:26:57
Ike Fields 3rd 1:46:48
Age Group 45-49
Jon Bonilla 1st 1:36:02
Clay Brieger 2nd 1:44:56
Jim Lee 3rd 1:40:30
Age Group 50-54
Rich Martucci 1st 1:36:01
Sidney Stech 2nd 1:39:43
Richard Rodriguez 3rd 1:39:45
Age Group 55-59
Steve Riley 1st 2:00:49
Luis Rodriquez 2nd 2:05:12
Oscar Torres 3rd 2:08:35
Age Group 60 +
Don Winkley 1st 1:43:31
Age Group 70+
Jesse Real 1st 2:00:19
Roberto Pina 2nd 3:16:07
Age Group20-24
Katie Hood 1st 2:38:15
Age Group 25-29
Julia Blount 1st 1:54:27
Monica De Leon 2nd 1:57:46
Patricia Perez 3rd 2:08:35
Age Group 30-34
Angel Strength 1st 1:56:39
Starrla Rodriquez 2nd 2:00:46
Stacie Morgan 3rd 2:09:58
Age Group 35-39
Elizabeth Winfrey 1st 2:10:45
Cindy West 2nd 2:10:47
Gladys Bonnes 3rd 2:40:29
Age Group 40-44
Henrietta De Leon 1st 1:57:45
Lisa Brewer 2nd 2:00:53
Susan Tellez 3rd 2:15:09
Age Group 45-49
Julietta Martucci 1st 1:53:06
Cindy Dollar 2nd 1:58:59
Nancy Poras 3rd 2:15:46
Age Group 50-54
Mary Woods 1st 2:00:47
Veena Pachal 2nd 2:24:20
Edith Pammit 3rd 2:52:04
Age Group 60 +
Kay Duplichan 1st 2:14:00
Mixed Relay Place Time
Koenig/Koenig 1st 1:37:57
Sevilla/Perez 2nd 1:42:23
Coe/Stewart 3rd 1:45:57
Castillo/McClain 4th 1:47:14
Wood/Kouzekanan 5th 1:49:40
Goodwin/Enger 6th 1:52:18
Brambila/Reyes 7th 1:52:36
Bonilla/Ocanas 8th 1:53:45
Egger/Russell 9th 1:57:19
Kring/McNair 10th 2:01:39
Gleinig/Gleinig 11th 2:10:46
Fineburg/Fineburg 12th 2:10:50
Gallegos/Rodriguez 13th 2:12:15
Herrero/Herrero 14th 2:12:48
Persimmon/Granada 15th 2:15:43
Martinez/Martinez 16th 2:21:12
Meyers/Klein 17th 2:40:27
DeLeon/Craig 18th 2:40:28
Zamarripa/Buchanan 19th 2:42:08
Hood/Hood 20th 2:42:09
Ramirez/Westergren 21st 2:49:29
Women's Relay Place Time
Papp/Macri 1st 1:51:26
Jones/Tipton 2nd 2:02:40
Divas-Gomez/Robertson 3rd 2:05:00
Clifton/Herrera 4th 2:12:49
Loving/Garcia 5th 2:12:55
Zabel/Wiley 6th 2:17:26
Seip/Saucedo 7th 2:23:26
Men's Relay Place Time
Gonzalez/Seip 1st 1:52:19
Cramer/Cassidy 2nd 2:12:49
Name Sex Overall Place Time Divison/Age Group Home Home
Lucido, Gabe M28 1st 1:14:08 1st San Antonio
Silva, Angel M25 2nd 1:16:43 1st Corpus Christi
Cervantes, Hugo M23 3rd 1:21:43 1st Corpus Christi
Mericle, Clent M52 4th 1:24:23 1st Corpus Christi
Hernandez, Domingo M42 5th 1:26:26 1st Corpus Christi
Hennessey, Andy M42 6th 1:26:57 2nd Victoria, Tx
Salazar, Rodney M30 7th 1:29:07 1st Corpus Christi
Briggs, Leroy M32 8th 1:29:47 2nd Corpus Christi
Castillo, Louis M26 9th 1:34:45 2nd Corpus Christi
Martucci, Rich M50 10th 1:36:01 1st Corpus Christi
Bonilla, Jon M49 11th 1:36:02 1st Corpus Christi
Dye, Mitchell M32 12th 1:37:15 3rd Corpus Christi
Wiggington, Jeff M38 13th 1:37:33 1st Corpus Christi
Hernandez, Jose M39 14th 1:37:34 2nd Corpus Christi
Stech, Sidney M52 15th 1:39:43 2nd Corpus Christi
Laabs, Craig M28 16th 1:39:44 3rd Woodlands,Tx
Rodriguez, Richard M50 17th 1:39:45 3rd Houston,Tx
Lee, Jim M45 18th 1:40:30 2nd Corpus Christi
Keifer, Kevin M38 19th 1:40:52 3rd Corpus Christi
McDermott, Richard M19 20th 1:21:20 1st Corpus Christi
Winkley, Don M67 21st 1:43:31 1st Corpus Christi
Brieger, Clay M46 22nd 1:44:56 3rd Alice, Tx
Yoskowitz, David M38 23rd 1:44:57 4th Corpus Christi
Dolin, James M27 24th 1:44:58 4th Corpus Christi
Dickson, Christian M37 25th 1:45:57 5th Corpus Christi
Smith, Robert M51 26th 1:46:16 4th Corpus Christi
McNeil, Stephen M47 27th 1:46:17 4th Corpus Christi
Fields, Ike M44 28th 1:46:41 3rd Corpus Christi
Lewis, Tammy F26 29th†† 1st Female 1:47:16 1st Corpus Christi
Hernandez, Eliseo M36 30th 1:47:35 5th Corpus Christi
Wolter, Tom M45 31st 1:47:51 5th Bishop, Tx
Reed, Christopher M33 32nd 1:48:11 4th Corpus Christi
DeHoyas, Jesse M41 33rd 1:49:51 4th Corpus Christi
Martin, Scott M45 34th 1:50:45 6th Corpus Christi
Lopez-Guerrero Gloria F40 35th†† 2nd Female 1:52:57 1st Corpus Christi
Martucci, Julietta F48 36th†† 3rd Female 1:53:06 1st Corpus Christi
Galvin, Pete M43 37th 1:53:25 5th Corpus Christi
Blount, Julia F29 38th†† 4th Female 1:54:27 1st Corpus Christi
Torres, Oscar M59 39th 1:55 1st Corpus Christi
Esquival, Richard M53 40th 1:56:25 5th Corpus Christi
Strength, Angel F31 41st††† 5th Female 1:56:39 1st Portland, Tx
Strength, Chris M34 42nd 1:56:40 5th Portland, Tx
Mosely, James M45 43rd 1:56:59 6th Corpus Christi
Meares, Scot M32 44th 1:57:00 6th Corpus Christi
Torres, Alfonso M47 45th 1:57:20 7th Corpus Christi
De Leon Henrietta F40 46th†† 6th Female 1:57:45 Corpus Christi
De Leon Monica F27 47th†† 7th Female 1:57:46 Corpus Christi
Moreno, Hector M24 48th 1:58:43 2nd Corpus Christi
Dollar, Cindy F46 49th††† 8th Female 1:58:59 2nd Austin, Tx
Trotter, Paul M50 50th††† 1:59:25 6th Corpus Christi
Real, Jesse M74 51st††††† 2:00:19 1st Corpus Christi
Rodriguez, Starla F30 52nd9th Female 2:00:46 2nd Corpus Christi
Woods, Mary F51 53rd†† 10th Female 2:00:47 1st Port Aransas, Tx
Brewer, Lisa F41 54th†† 11th Female 2:00:48 1st Corpus Christi
Riley, Steve M58 55th 2:00:49 2nd Corpus Christi
Diaz, Jose M38 56th 2:02:02 6th Corpus Christi
Boudreaux, Percy M51 57th 2:02:03 6th Thidbodaux, La.
Gonzalez, David M50 58th 2:02:04 7th Corpus Christi
Burnett, James M45 59th 2:20:05 8th Corpus Christi
Garza, Rene M37 60th 2:02:06 7th Beeville, Tx
Meyer, John M40 61st 2:03:57 5th Corpus Christi
Rodriguez, Luis M58 62nd 2:05:12 3rd Corpus Christi
Felgenhauer, James M44 63rd††† 2:05:38 6th Portland, Tx
Nabors, Alan M54 64th 2:06:55 8th Ingleside, Tx
Perez, Patricia F28 65th†† 12th Female 2:08:35 2nd Kingsville, Tx
Pettus, Will M34 66th†††† 2:08:47 7th Corpus Christi
Morgan, Stacie F31 67th†† 13th Female 2:09:56 3rd Corpus Christi
Jarell, Melissa F29 68th†† 14th Female 2:10:18 3rd Corpus Christi
Windfrey, Randy M42 69th††† 2:10:44 7th Houston,Tx
Windfrey, Elizabeth F38 70th†† 15th Female 2:10:45 1st Houston,Tx
West, Cindy F39 71st†† 16th Female 2:10:47 2nd Corpus Christi
Zbranek, Jill F29 72nd†† 17th Female 2:12:56 4th Corpus Christi
Donterius, Don M26 73rd†††† 2:12:59 4th Corpus Christi
Duplichan, Kay F69 74th††† 18th Female 2:14:26 1st Rockport, Tx
Tellez, Susan F41 75th††† 19th Female 2:15:09 2nd Corpus Christi
Garcia, Ernest M44 76th†††† 2:15:29 8th Austin, Tx
Yuguchi, Takeshi M37 77th†††† 2:15:45 8th Laredo, Tx
Poras, Nancy F48 78th††† 20th Female 2:15:46 3rd Corpus Christi
Lucio, Katherine F25 79th††† 21st Female 2:17:06 5th Corpus Christi
Garcia, Michael M34 80th 2:18:34 8th Houston,Tx
Pachal Veena F51 81st††† 22nd Female 2:24:20 2nd Rockport, Tx
Salazar, Antonio M26 82nd††† 2:26:15 5th Cypress, Tx
Gonzalez, Gloria F49 83rd†† 23rd Female 2:31:58 4th Corpus Christi
Escobar, Michelle F27 83rd†† 24th Female 2:35:40 6th Corpus Christi
Crice, Jeannette F45 84th†† 25th Female 2:36:56 5th Corpus Christi
Hood, Katie F23 85th††† 26th Female 2:38:15 1st Corpus Christi
Bonnes, Gladys F38 86th††† 27th Female 2:40:29 3rd Corpus Christi
Buchanan, Dana F35 87th††† 28th Female 2:42:07 4th Corpus Christi
Dill, Ginger F37 88th††† 29th Female 2:42:36 5th Corpus Christi
Rodriquez, Jesse M31 89th†† 2:45:55 9th Corpus Christi
Pammit, Edith F50 90th†† 30th Female 2:52:04 3rd Corpus Christi
Cavitt, Craig M43 91st†††† 2:58:40 9th Corpus Christi
Beltran, Lisa F39 92nd31st Female 2:58:42 6th Odem, Tx
Pina, Roberto M70 93rd 3:16:07 2nd Corpus Christi



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